Plastic Bag Hunters

I have been fed up for a long time with the amount of plastic bags hanging from trees, caught in fences, gutters and the edge of roads. If trees were human they would be crying out for help as they are being strangled by the things. As part of the Plastic Bag Hunters Project, I am asking you to join me in locating, observing, catching and picking up plastic bags. Whilst being a project with concerns about our environment, I am attracted to the site of a lone bag swaying in the breeze. The plastic bag finds itself so often caught in the spaces we often cannot access, such as the verges on motorways, its lack of belonging fascinates me.

Plastic Bag Hunters began as a pledge, which stated:

"I will collect as many plastic bags as possible, caught in trees, bushes, fences ect and re-use or recycle but only if 50 other people will do the same." 61 people pledged to joined Plastic Bag Hunters.

Join Plastic Bag Hunters by posting images, locations, writing or texts concerning plastic bags. These will be placed on the website, in this ongoing and developing project.

Apart from the obvious pleasure and exercise of retrieving plastic bags, you get to become part of a project that has drawn in hunters from as far away as Canada, just think of that whilst you are prising a bag from a bush outside your local Tesco's somebody in Canada might be retrieving a bag at the very same time as you!

Send your contribution to my email Plastic Bag Hunters and become part of this group action at this

You will find some hunters adventures already on the site; click on this link

Good luck with your collecting and hope to hear from you soon

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